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Nonlawyer Self-Help Alternative

Debra Mahijah, LDA

Debra Mahijah is a registered and bonded Legal Document Assistant, serving Los Angeles County (LA Reg.#2020174367, Expiration 08/28/2021). At her client's direction she is ready to assist with preparing your documents. She is an active member of California Association of Legal Document Assistants (CALDA). She is not an attorney and cannot give you legal advice or represent you in the courts in any matter. If you need to consult with an attorney, she can provide you with a referral.

A Nonlawyer Form Preparation Service

We know that a legal action can sometimes be overwhelming. Many, if not all, legal forms are very confusing; incorrectly filled out forms will delay your case, possibly for a long time. In other words, a LDA is there to assist the “self-help” client handle their own legal matters without the cost of an attorney. 

Debra Mahijah, LDA helps nonlawyers prepare their own paperwork to prepare their own wills, living trusts, adoptions, business formation, copyright & trademarks and power of attorney. You make all legal and practical decisions and select the necessary legal forms. Our role is to prepare the paperwork under your direction.

We are not lawyers and do not give legal advice. If you are unsure about any of the legal aspects of your case, please take a look at the  excellent self-help legal information published by and other self-help law publishers, available at your nearest bookstore or library, or see a lawyer.

Whether you’re starting or in the middle of a case, we can assist you by preparing your legal documents at your specific direction.

Advantages of Hiring a LDA

LDA’s provide a low-cost alternative to hiring an attorney for routine paperwork. In many cases, one visit will usually be sufficient for you to be able to handle most matters.

An experienced LDA can help you avoid the pitfalls and also make sure every important detail on a form is accounted for. This alone makes a LDA the best choice for your self-help legal endeavors.

All certified LDAs are professionals trained in multiple fields, there are a number of services they can provide. They often have the same educational background as a paralegal and are REQUIRED by law to be registered and bonded in the county in which they have their principal place of business.

DO's and DON'Ts of a Legal Document Assistant (LDA)


A Legal Document Assistant may:

  • Distribute to their customers legal materials that have been published or approved by a lawyer
  • Prepare the customers' legal documents under the direction of their customer
  • File the customers' legal documents in the appropriate courts

Unless paralegals, LDA's are authorized by law to provide legal document preparation services to consumers, after complying with the registration and bonding requirements. Neither paralegals nor LDA's are permitted to engage in the practice of law.


LDA's are not lawyers and DO NOT offer legal advice, discuss legal strategies, answer questions of a legal nature, select forms for the consumer, or appear in court on the consumer's behalf. They are professionals, qualified through education, training or work experience, authorized to assist consumers representing themselves in legal matters by preparing and processing the necessary legal documents.

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